How Videos Are Changing Digital Marketing in 2022?

Video marketing has drastically changed the mechanism of digital marketing in recent times. Budding Entrepreneurs established businesses and content creators all are cashing in on the success of video consumption by end customers and are rapidly evolving to cater to consumer needs.

Here is how video consumption is increasing in 2022 and how marketers are responding it with well-crafted strategies:

1. Increase in customer reliance on marketing videos :

In the past, customer requirements would end with testimonials or reviews of products while preparing for a purchase. In recent times, videos for almost all brands are available on major social media channels. This has led to an increase in reliance on these videos among consumers, as these videos provide them with real-o insight about the product, their functions, their actual appearance and unboxing etc.

So, why such heavy reliance on videos, answer is simple, customers want more and more specific information about products which may not be available in text descriptions before purchasing them. Also, the videos directly from the brand appear to be more factual and realistic to the customer than the heavily edited and photoshopped images available on the website.

2. Inclination to watch videos in Free Time:

According to research done by HubSpot, people turn to social media and enjoy watching funny videos that help them to relax and unwind after a particularly stressful day. This is proved by the gigantic rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels where a large quantity of content is created and consumed. Digital marketing experts have now started using this popularity of video content to promote their brands and products. By presenting information about their products in a funny or anecdotal manner, the reach of the video content has increased manifold and thus further helping in increasing the organic reach of a brand and forming a loyal customer base.

3. Increase in Vlogs and Tutorials

When was the last time you wanted to learn something and learnt it offline? The chances of doing that are quite slim when you are getting tonnes of well-researched information and content right at your fingertips. Apart from the entertainment factor, video marketing in 2022 aims to expand customer reach by producing well-researched and entertaining videos about their products and services. Most established brands are now using vlogs and tutorials to expand their customer reach at the minimum possible rates. If your brand is somehow related to your target audience’s hobbies or special interests, then creating videos around it could be a game-changer in increasing organic traffic for your business.

4. Viral Video Content

Almost all social media platforms have the option to share videos among our family and friends, Some videos work and some get viral, as they strike a chord with the target audience. The video gets shared multiple times within seconds and starts trending on Youtube or Twitter. Earlier companies used to regard this as spam, but now viral video content sharing is being used by digital marketing experts to increase brand visibility and reliability. Fashion brands following this technique have gained millions of followers on social media with their content going viral within seconds of sharing. This builds trust among the target audience on brands producing viral content regularly.

5. Testimonial Videos

This type of video is generally produced by the target audience, where they praise a particular service or business. These videos get numerous shares and likes because when information is coming from existing customers, new customers are more likely to trust them. Digital marketing experts use this technique to build up trust and brand visibility by posting and resharing videos on their pages.

6. Watching videos on the go

As more and more people have access to smartphones, they have an inclination to watch videos on the go rather than on their laptops or TV. Whenever people are free they scan social media for quality, entertaining and informative content. Digital marketing has caught on with this trend by producing byte-sized content and subtitle videos. This makes it possible for the target audience to consume the content in a shorter period of time at any place any time without hampering the privacy of others.

7. Live streaming;

Recently this has gained a lot of traction with big brands like Apple and Samsung launching their products on social media, holding Q and A sessions and live stream product demos. Smaller businesses can carry out such interactive sessions on Facebook, and IGTv to make themselves visible to the target audience and build their trust in the products offered by them. Digital marketing experts plan events and promotions on main social media platforms and provide great chances to interact directly with the audience.

To conclude, the online space is a rapidly growing arena and newer concepts are evolving each day on how to engage and interact with a larger customer base. The most interactive and engaging content gains followers and shares and forms the basis of content marketing. Video sharing and creating is a growing trend in the digital space with a lot of organic traffic. Brands looking to expand their customer base must tap this great resource and bring organic traffic at a minimal cost.

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