How to Increase Blog Traffic with LinkedIn

If you’re a B2B business owner, you must have gone through the difficulty of gaining readership on the blogs on your website. The frustration of trying and getting the readers to visit your blog section is cumbersome. Though we all want our readers to magically come to us, the reality is that it takes some time and hard work to build an audience.
Business owners often get disappointed and give up on blogging, but the benefits one can gain from blogging will help you understand that a blog can leave a fascinating impact on your business. It can help you attract a targeted audience to your business, make a prospective impression, and build a social media audience significantly.
LinkedIn is among the best and most widely used social media platforms for creating a professional network of like-minded people. Your profile and activities on this platform can benefit you with new engagement, connections, and visitors to your blog since many people are attracted to your content. Therefore, being a business owner, blogger, or entrepreneur, LinkedIn marketing is a productive potent to get more exposure for your blogs.
However, to increase the traffic to your blog, you need to get your connections to visit the blog directly. And this can only be done by engaging with your connections or followers and being active and updated on your LinkedIn profile. Other than this, below are some useful tips that will help you get more traffic to your blog using LinkedIn marketing.

Create a Complete LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the foremost impression of the viewers, making it worthwhile. If you are a brand owner, create a branded company profile. Create an outstanding and attractive company page or personal profile regardless of your designation. This can be done by creating the banner image, i.e., showcasing your brand through graphics but making sure it is personalized. You can also add a logo for brand recognition as your cover image to develop trust in the market. Moreover, adding a brief intro or description of your company’s values, mission, history, and goals can also go a long way in gaining insights into your brand.
Suppose you create a personal profile, for instance, a sales manager, CEO, content marketer, blogger, etc. In that case, you can complete your profile by adding a professional summary and a professional headshot.

Build Connections

Finding and connecting with people on LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected and build a strong network. The more connections you have, the more chances you can get listed on LinkedIn traffic statistics. If you want high brand visibility, connect with everyone and make your brand shine on social media marketing. Now connections can include your co-workers, business partners, email contacts, customers, social media followers, and more.

Being Active and Engaging on LinkedIn

You must be active on this platform to gain more LinkedIn traffic statistics on your blog. Posting frequently and keeping your audience engaged with interesting content, updating your profile picture, sharing about your day, participating in discussions, or commenting on else’s posts will significantly help you and your brand. Besides, there are LinkedIn automation tools that you can use to publish your content to gain visibility and readability. With this tool, you can schedule your posts to be published at the peak hours of the day.

Joining Targeted or Alike Groups

The key aspect of LinkedIn marketing is being a member of various groups. Ideally, there are more than 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn, and 80% of users belong to one of them. Therefore, find relevant topics to your brand, and LinkedIn will suggest similar groups based on your activities and profile, which you can join to gain more insight. Check out the groups’ posts, talk to the members, find out their interests, and analyze if it fits with your target audience.

Write and Share Engaging Content

LinkedIn is a platform for networking that helps drive traffic to your blog. Thus, your blogs or articles must appeal to the LinkedIn market. Creating engaging and valuable content on your blog will not only help with traffic but also help with content marketing. Post interesting content related to your business theme, highlighting your goals and enlightening the target market. It doesn’t end here; after posting, it is crucial to keep updated and regularly monitor the performance of your blogs using the LinkedIn analytics tool.

Sharing Blogs with Individuals

While posting blogs on LinkedIn, you can send LinkedIn emails directly to your network. Also, sending a relevant blog to individuals has proven to be more impactful in building blog traffic. It is almost similar to email marketing, where you can also send a personal message to grab attention. You can add personalized information, such as why you like their blogs or why they might be useful.

Using LinkedIn Share Button

The share button on LinkedIn makes it easy for the readers to share your blog, which ultimately leads to more traffic. Additionally, those who share your articles probably have a network that might be interested in your articles as well. Hence, keep track of LinkedIn throughout the day and monitor the questions or comments on your post from your network.


As you have read the blog, what tactics will you use to get more traffic to your blog from LinkedIn marketing? Did you find these suggestions beneficial? Do you want to gain traffic on your blogs through LinkedIn but don’t know how?
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