How to Get Views on YouTube: A Complete Guide

It is a known fact that humans learn faster when they see and hear at the same time. We prefer listening to notes rather than reading them, as it gets easier to understand and is ingrained in the memory for longer periods. Youtube is the second largest search engine after google and is a goldmine of content if you are looking to learn any new thing. It could be a skill, a new product review, a new recipe, you name it and you find it on youtube.

The convergence of new learners every day on Youtube has in turn opened business opportunities for creators. Yes, you can earn money from Youtube views, by simply creating content and getting payments as your youtube views increase exponentially.

Some ways to increase views on YouTube :

Think out of the box: During the pandemic, almost every person on earth was searching for something or the other. Some wanted to just pass time, some wanted to learn a new recipe and some were in dire need to earn money. The number of creators and consumers both went up. Only those creators were successful who were able to think out of the box and could do something differently. Try searching out what people are searching for, what are the things in demand, and create clear content with no fluff.

As youtube is also a search engine, it also directs users toward the most promising and value-added content whenever the user hits a keyword search.

Focus on continuity: once you have decided on the topic on which you will create video content, the next step is to brainstorm ideas and create meaningful content for the playlist. Suppose a user tumbles on your video and guess what the very next question on their mind is answered by your next video. So, concentrate on building a playlist that increases the Youtube views and in turn the revenue. A meaningful playlist is a win-win situation for all as viewers get all their queries in one place and when watching on a loop youtube ads also get played.

Optimally use the Youtube SEO: Youtube is a search engine and it uses ranking signals to rank the content and increase reach. One of the most important signals is YouTube SEO. For ranking on SEO, one needs keywords. Keywords can be found while typing a topic on the youtube search bar and the bar shows suggestions related to your keyword. After getting the desired keywords now comes the daunting task of putting these keywords cleverly in your video such that your content is ranking higher than others and getting more views on YouTube. Some ways you can put the keywords are as follows:

Keywords in the Title: The user must find the keyword in your content title for them to click and also to rank higher in the search results.

Keywords in the description: While adding the description to your content remember to add keywords in a clever manner such that they don’t look stuffed and serve the purpose of SEO as well.

Keywords in the video tags: the video tags are invisible to the users but they do get counted while ranking the content on the youtube search page. One can use a variation of the primary keyword while adding the video tags to further increase Youtube Views.

Forming Association with other known Creators: This could turn out to be a game changer in your journey of converting youtube views to money. When forming an association with a known face in the creator industry, you get an audience with a larger section of users. Users also generate interest in you when you feature in videos of their favorite creator. Both have win-win situations in this, as a new creator gets noticed and the established creator gets more publicity.

Use of Cards and End Screen: when a user watches your whole content in one go then it means the person is very engaged and interested in watching more of you. Here comes the tactic of keeping the person hooked on till the end.

Youtube cards are usually seen at the right end of the video. They help in increasing your views and keep the engagement high without disrupting the user experience of watching the video. The user is more likely to click on the card if it’s a relevant one to their keyword search.

End Screen: The screen with which you end your video also has a lot of potentials. If the user stays put till the end, then it’s obligatory to at least leave them with more of your related videos and upcoming videos. this screen can also be used to encourage your users to subscribe to your content to never miss your value-adding videos.

Promoting on social media: once you create content, you need takers to watch your video. Not everybody is familiar with Youtube Seo and so you must also stick to the basics of marketing your product to gain followers and views on Youtube.

If you do have a following give a sneak peek to your followers without letting out the topic of your next video just some unrelated behind the scene. This generates curiosity and the followers are geared up for your next release
Getting in touch with industry leaders to promote your content on their page may sound far-fetched but if done correctly, it could do wonders for your product. Just even a retweet could change the game for your views on Youtube.

Last but not the least, take care of the thumbnails and the titles. They must be interesting and eye-catching. It has been seen that titles and thumbnails that are somehow related to some public personality or a controversial one at that, are more likely to get noticed and get more views on YouTube.

So, this is how one can leverage their content on Youtube and earn money online in a very short time and live the life of their dreams.

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